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Achievements of Polytechnic

Achievements are the steps of success which takes towards the mark of progress. This is the introduction of each that person who has made something very special in his/her life.

The achievements of this polytechnic follows :

Achievements Of Faculties & Staff Members

  • The environment of this institute leaves a positive and competitive impact on students as well as on faculties and staffs.
  • The faculties and staffs get the support of head departments to develop well their career background and financial background etc, which is an achievement in itself.
  • Some faculties get award for giving support and helping the students to being a topper. Whose hand is behind the success of the student. Those faculties get the promotion and get the higher level position.
  • One member of our staff Mr. V.K. Dhaiya got the promotion for contributing a big involvement at the time of emergency work last year.
  • Mr. A.K. Sahni of our management team got the certificate and award for doing good job and to bring the name of the polytechnic top in the list.
  • Dr.R.R. Gehlawat got the degree of doctorate last year and was honoured and awarded by the chief guest.
Achievements Of Students
  • Varun Prakashar got good marks in IES mechanical engineering exam two years back.
  • Vidhi Saxena and Arun Patnaik acquired good marks in PSU exam and selected for the job.
  • Pushpa Rana, Vipul Joshi, Avadhesh Pandey, Manish Tomar, Suneeta Rawat passed the civil engineer exams conducted last year.
  • Anjali Jain and vikas kohli has topped in Electrical Engineering Examination last year.
  • Prince Kaundel got good position in AIEEE exam 2 years back.
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